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Take out the light

Catalog #: DC2116

San Ré


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Take out the light, the EP from San Ré, leads off with Acquainted, a thumping reflection of relationships best kept at a distance, and is underpinned by disconcerting ambience while buoyed by floating arpeggios. The playful Say Something features syncopated jazz beats beneath spirited chords within a club-like atmosphere. The third track, ‘Oumuamua, inhabits an otherworldly atmosphere, pondering the presence of ancient alien spacecrafts within our star system. Absurd is an angsty and bitter recall of a formative early memory, followed by Scramble, a melancholic meditation on alienation and isolation. The EP is concluded by Reacquainted (Germanium Insanium Jazz Mix), an upbeat interpretation of Acquainted featuring multiple artists and an exuberant vocal sample from San Ré.


→ All songs written, recorded and produced in Amsterdam by San Ré, except Reacquainted (Germanium Insanium Jazz Mix) composed by San Ré, Ben Hirst, James Walker, Will Bateman and Gary Maggs, produced by Ben Hirst at Soundgas Studio, vocals by San Ré.
→ Mixed in Crich England by Ben Hirst at Soundgas Studio.
→ Mastered in London by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.
→ Absurd lyrics and vocals by San Ré.
→ Artwork by San Ré.


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