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We are digient collective®, a tight-knit community of creative individuals deeply passionate about electronic music and visual arts. Our diverse talents span music production, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, and more. United by a common vision, we collaborate to propel our artistic endeavors forward.

Operating as a micro record label, we specialize in releasing original and bespoke works. Our ethos prioritizes maintaining aesthetic integrity while offering artists a platform for exploration. We encourage artists to experiment with new concepts, styles, and technologies.

Our collective envisions a future where today’s emerging technologies unlock new creative capabilities and enable a more equitable music industry that fosters greater inclusivity for independent artists. We aspire to contribute to this vision, however modestly, through our collaborative efforts.

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The word “digient” is inspired by the name for a digital entity from Ted Chiang’s award-winning novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects. more ↗


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