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We are digient collective, a small community of creative people who are passionate about all things electronic music and visual arts. We are musicians, producers, engineers, graphic artists, photographers, filmmakers, videographers, and the like, all sharing in a single common cause: to work together to advance our respective creative goals and of those within the collective. Our aim is to operate like a true collective, sharing resources and profits alike.

As proudly-independent artists (many with day jobs), we often have our own subjective definitions and milestones of “success,” and as such Digient Collective embraces and nurtures divergent and disruptive ideas, and we operate with freedom, autonomy and independence above all else.

Established in early 2020, during the global pandemic, digient collective is also a micro-label, organized in part to provide artists with a platform for exploring new concepts, styles, genres, or personas, and to experiment with technologies and methods.

Digient believes in a not-too-distant future where today’s nascent and novel technologies pave the way for a more equitable global music industry for independent artists, and we want to play our (very) small part.

A “digient” is a digital entity, from Ted Chiang’s award-winning novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects. ↗ more

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