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Ray Gun

Catalog #: DC2007

San Ré


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Ray Gun, the first single from Ben Evolo, is an antagonistic EBM / techno track featuring former US President Ronald Reagan. Ray Gun pounds along while rich and otherworldly textures play along.

From the artist:

“Ray Gun features former US President Ronald Reagan, in an address to the United Nations General Assembly in NYC, September 21, 1987. It’s been cut up, but what he says in full (transcript here) is a typical finger-wagging lecture on democracy. The world was indeed a different place 33 years ago, with the Cold War, a Soviet occupation in Afghanistan, US forces in the middle east and Central America, The Sandinista in Nicaragua, and a lot more. It’s all still so familiar. There’s much in the speech that resonates today, with much reflected back at the US but other nations and governments as well. It just felt very apropos at the moment Ray Gun was conceived, and it continues to feel relevant. And plus, aliens.”


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