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It’s a Long Way Back to Sunset

Catalog #: DC2108

Daze Gates

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It’s a Long Way Back to Sunset, the debut EP from Daze Gates, was made during a time in which the artist battled severe and sustained insomnia and acute accompanying delirium. Each track attempts to capture the varying stages of delirium experienced. Ambient soundscapes dance around heavy synth atmospheres, encapsulating a range of styles including minimal electro and house to industrial EBM. The limited edition cassette tape is arranged in such a way that it flows seamlessly from start to finish, with no breaks between tracks on side A, and with side B including prolonged, and arguably disturbing, ambience that is not included in the digital release. Each copy of the cassette tape includes a physical component that eludes to the struggles faced during this period of insomnia and delirium.


→ Produced in Glasgow by Daze Gates.
→ Mixed in Amsterdam by Ben Evolo.
→ Mastered in London by Jon Astley.
→ Cover art by Ben Evolo.


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