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Belly Butter

Catalog #: DC2123

San Ré

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Belly Butter is the first single from San Ré’s forthcoming album, Charm Offensive. Belly Butter includes an original mix, a guest remix, and a dub mix.

Following the 2023 release of Qualia Tableau, described by Electronic Sound magazine as “distinctly cinematic and wide-ranging,” Charm Offensive promises another captivating and emotive experience. Scheduled for release in late 2024, Charm Offensive will be preceded by two singles: Belly Butter and Bathtub Gin, each featuring a guest remix and a dub mix.

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Exclusive Belly Butter Preview:

For a press kit, a private streaming link to the Charm Offensive LP, press inquiries or interviews please email press@digientcollective.com.


Belly Butter (original mix) written and produced in Amsterdam by San Ré.
Belly Butter (Jimbo Tekno Lost Bens Remix) Composed and produced by San Ré, Ben Hirst, James Walker, Will Bateman, Adam Wilde and Behrad Mirmiran.
Belly Butter (Dub Mix) composed and produced by San Ré and Ben Hirst.
All songs mixed in England by Ben Hirst.
All songs mastered in London by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.
Lyrics and vocals by San Ré.
Artwork by San Ré.


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