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Catalog #: DC2015

San Ré

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Acquiesce, the debut EP from San Ré, is a richly textured and angsty exploration of relinquishing control in an absurd cosmos where chaos reigns supreme.

Acquiesce leads off with Also Surreal, a raw and aggressive industrial EBM / techno track, followed by Lunar FOB which imagines a near future in which Earth’s moon is being colonized and mined by “world powers” competing for control. Draw Me a Cat is a lament for a lost friend, for lost childhood friendships and for their fading memories, and is followed by Flutter, a richly textured, contemplative track with undulating synth bass beneath syncopated beats and percussion. Acquiesce is concluded by Turtle Hill, a sentimental and nostalgic homage to a particular space and time of transformational physical and spiritual healing and rebirth.

Limited edition cassette tape, each with one of three limited edition j-card interior artwork variations, two limited edition photo prints all in handmade packaging. Cassette tape includes Sequin Select (single) as a bonus track.


→ Produced and mixed in Amsterdam by San Ré
→ Mastered in London by Jon Astley 
→ Cover art by San Ré


© 2023 Digient Collective

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